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Post  Wear the Helmet on Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:56 pm

I know some of you will groan BUT !! On Sunday I got a top edge into my face guard, only chiped the paint and no damage to me. Coincidentially this was a replica incident for me against the very same team, but as some of you will remember that time I was macho enough to think I did'nt need an helmet and suffered the consequences of eye surgery and long term facial neve damage. I was off work for 2 month.

So all you tough guy's who still dont wear any head protection I think you are bloody stupid and you put yourself at risk and your families if you loose your job becuase of long term sickeness or blindness.

I challenge all those who are to tough to wear a helmet to go and bat without a box, gloves or pads. Getting hit on the hand or legs wont kill you, get hit in the balls and you may wish you were killed but getting hit on the head could very well kill you.

So dont be stupid and wear the correct protection.

Wear the Helmet
Wear the Helmet

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