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Post  rolex on Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:27 pm

Well chaps this is about it. One more game to go when I'm told I will have the honour of captaining the Doms. I just wanted to say a big thank you for some good fun and camaraderie during the last couple of years and for making Jonah and I feel so welcome into the finest cricket club in the world. I've enjoyed the banter, Lasty's boll***s website reports, being sledged by my own team-mates, staring down the opposition as I finish my run in, seeing Jonah run around after the ball for all he's worth, hitting the odd six into the trees, making a ton on tour, getting a Michelle on tour, creating new nicknames, meeting new people, being called Rolex, getting far too competetive most Sundays...and most of all being a Dom.

My proudest moment was the ton on tour, but there's also no better feeling than hurtling in down the hill, when you're on form and there are four or five Doms behind the bat, and they're willing you to get that next wicket. I've enjoyed platforms with Lasty, taking the bowlers apart with Sam Moog, playing suppporting role to Hodgy, spinning the sh*t with Filo out in the middle, even little cameos with Kath, Tommo, etc. It's all been good. Seeing Jonah accepted by you all has been great, and I'm very grateful.

They say that once a Dom, always a Dom... so let's look forward to a Yorkshire tour perhaps the year after next?

God Bless you my fellow Doms and thank you



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Rolex signing out Empty Nice...

Post  Wear the Helmet on Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:37 pm

thoughts Rob/Rolex whatever your name really is. We get many w8nkers who join the Doms, many of us are still here but you are up there with the top w8nkers not to be forgotten. I think one of your first matches was somewhere near Bloxwitch and you were running late (as ever), I think your nickname was coined from that. There was some discussion regarding "Rolex" as a nickname as it infers quality. But I stood firm and shouted down other "suggestions", although I did have to conceed it was possibly a Rolex bought from some shady chap on a beach in a cheap part of Spain - what do you mean all of Spain is cheap!?

With my platform building partner gone I will need to advertise to try and get another pupil I can coach to my standard, maybe Colins up to it?

I hope we have shown young Jo that cricket is a great team game with lots of chums to befriend and he continues his cricket schooling in his new county, if not send him down to Somerset.

I cant wait to tour Yorkshire, I may hold on hanging up my jockstrap until then. Im sure we will all keep intouch unless we a subjected to the Rolex periodical FB cull................ Arrow
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